Should we follow our passion? Or not?

These last couple of years have been anything but ordinary. There has been a lot of attrition with a record number of people either quitting jobs or planning to or wishing they could! The ‘great attrition’ is a real phenomenon. Gartner research says that attrition rate rose from 10% in 2020 to 20% in 2021…some organisations even reported 30% attrition.

When a friend tells us how he/she is tired of their job (and I’m sure we have at least a few who have done this recently), one of the easiest (Yes, I am calling it easy!) responses to give is: QUIT! Follow your passion!

The weight that passion holds in our life is tremendous. It’s the last resort. I mean, if we were following our passion, we have no other choice than to be happy, right? Or not?

Here is what we need to understand. What if your passion is:

  • Kdrama (As it is for many these last few years)
  • Reading (I do not mean writing…just reading cool books)
  • Watching YT channels (Killing time/whatever!)
  • Sleeping? (Let’s not even go there!)

Does that mean you cannot follow your passion?

Not exactly! If you’re lucky, you can get paid for doing these. You could be an editor, but you would also have to read books that do not interest you. You could watch YT channels and create a channel of you own. You could be a reviewer for Kdramas! But not everyone will be able to do this. And if sleeping is your passion…God help you!

So, only a few of us deserve to be passionate?

This is where you need to think about what you are good at. Not what you are passionate about…what are you really good at doing? Passion changes over time, but if you have been good at writing, you will always be good at it. If you are good at singing, at numbers, etc. you will always be good at it. This is what has to be your profession…your line of work.  

There is one big question that people fail to answer. Are you good at what you’re passionate about?

Ha ha ha! Caught you!

I might be passionate about playing the guitar, but I may not be any good! (Only time will tell).

Just because you love to dance does not mean you are going to be the next big dancer! Unfortunately, not everything we are passionate about falls under our strengths.

So, stop beating yourself up. If you are not able to make passion your way of life…it is okay! Just ensure that you keep that passion alive in your life. Make it the stressbuster in your life and someday, you might just be able to follow your passion fulltime!